23 March 2016

coming soon :-)


Hoping to awaken this sad little blog of mine from its long slumber soon.

Bempton RSPB D300s T  07-08-2015 13-21-045

Just setting up blogger software so it works as I wish it to: Image sizes and resolution, for example.

Bempton RSPB D300s T  07-08-2015 13-22-58

Software has changed a little since I last wrote on this blog, and although I have already set it up to work with Seri’s blog I do things a little differently.

Bempton RSPB D300s T  07-08-2015 13-25-020

Anyway, please forgive these meaningless rambles, as I intimated above it’s all just testing the system :D

This posting will change over the next few days and then be deleted. Hopefully i’ll recieve a visit from one or more of the mythical nine muses – but time alone will tell.

Slimbridge WWT D7200 X  13-03-2016 13-58-49Slimbridge WWT D7200 X  13-03-2016 14-36-010Slimbridge WWT D7200 X  13-03-2016 14-45-029Slimbridge WWT D7200 X  13-03-2016 14-56-41

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  1. Welcome back - look forward to seeing your next post - you have been missed!


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