30 July 2013

Re - Thinking our web presence

So, this week I have finally left both Flickr and Ephotozine. Sick to death of dealing with issues I don't  need to deal with, with people I don't want to deal with, and with systems I can no longer stand dealing with.

We have met many very nice peope on Flickr since we first joined the site in 2006, unfortunately you cannot easily filter out the good from the idiots, self appointed experts and general wastrels. I have felt that Flickr was not for us a long time now - the recent site changes were the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

We were also on Ephotozine for a long period, on and off since 2007 I believe. Similar issues there with the added problem of very abrasive forums and certain issues as to the behaviours of some of the members in those forums and their ideas with regard to racial issues and so on.

The combinaton of these issues and the click clique nature of feedback leading ultimately to our leaving.

Once again some very nice people on both sites, but not enough to warrant further hassle.....

For now, back to blogging, back to my anonymous website where I Post whatever I wish, and you cannot comment even of you wanted too....... :-)

I may re-ignite our Google + site, but we'll see. Sometimes less is more, as they say.

Too old, too sick and too little time for dealing with crap anymore......

We have also left a couple of other sites.....

Photograhy and wldlife watching is supposed to be fun, informative and interesting - and that is what we intend to get back to.

I have never mixed real life with on-line activty - if we knew you in life previously, this changes nothing :-)

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