27 May 2013

Gilfach Farm Nature Reserve



This last bank holiday weekend we made the trip to Gilfach Farm Nature Reserve, a reserve run by the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust. Good place – click the above image for a slideshow……


more later.

5 May 2013

A Bank Holiday Weekend

Come poor birds, from foes severe, fearless come, you're welcome here.

John Clare

Thus far this May Day bank holiday weekend we've made the trip to Bempton Cliffs; Hatton Locks, and tomorrow (Monday) we intend to visit the National Kit Car show a Stoneleigh Park here in Warwickshire.

With 2.5k mages from just the first two trips, and the car show still to come, it's going to take a while to sort out LOL

More later......

Overall we took some 4,096 images over the four days - 3266 of which were good enough to be added to our collection....

I'll be re-writing this soon -)