4 April 2013

It's been a while

Not kept this blog going too well, issues of health and such like has been keeping our attention for the past several months. We have however been keeping up with our photography, and have amassed many thousand more images. Indeed our collection now extends well beyond the 300,000 mark.....

Our most recent acquisitions, if I can put it that way, are from the Easter vacation period, just passed. We managed to visit our beloved Aberystwyth - where we lived for 10 years, studied, met and married. We shot Red Kites at Nant yr Arian, and rather a lot of scenery....

We also made a couple of trips to our local playground of Brandon Marsh, and made a very nice journey into Oxfordshire to the excellent Cotswolds Wildlife Park. Ostensibly we went to see the Rhinoceros trio kept there, but, despite the abysmal light, we managed to see a lot more and find new favourites.

My favourite animal is now, after seeing one for the first time, the Giant Anteater - what an amazing animal species they are :-). In addition we saw delightful Red Panda and a host of other species - many of which were just trying to stay out of the cold - and who can blame them.

We will certainly make one more trip to the park - but perhaps on a day with some sunshine and warmth - both of which were sadly lacking this time around.

Still, great place and worth another go :-)

Prior to that it's been trips to the usual locations for us, in and around Warwickshire, Leicestershire and adjacent counties. We have barely left home this year, so far - but we shall see what comes up :-) such is life... A few of recent shots from Bradgate Country Park are attached.

I will add Easter images to this posting later.... really must try to keep writing this thing LOL

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