22 November 2012

Urban Foxes - the return

We've been lucky enough to have foxy visitors to our garden since we moved to our new house in urban Coventry just over a year ago.

Three individuals came for their nightly feeding, in front of our infrared trail camera, all through last winter and spring. We stopped feeding them in the summer months, better for all concerned if they chase rats and rabbits when they are at their peak numbers.....

A few days ago a cat took out one of our resident woodpigeons, leaving the majority of the carcass behnd. That night the carcass vanished, leaving neatly snipped off wings behind - classic fox behaviour. The next night even the wings were taken - extremely hungry fox behaviour.

Yesterday we came home to find one of the red devils sitting in the garden in broad daylight having a scratch, a rare daylight sighting for our garden...so the feeding starts again.

Last night we put out the usual dog food, and attracted a pair, capturing IR video as they fed.

Now, 24 hours later, as I am writing this, I keep looking up to our monitors to see the pair tucking to their pasta and minced beef meal....

Enjoy.....and you're welcome.....:-)

I'll post some video and stills to,our Flickr site later - probably.

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