12 June 2012

Nocturnal Visitors

We are lucky, at least for the present, to live in a part of Coventry that is teeming with wildlife. We have lived on our little drive for the past year, and in that time have established feeders that have attracted some 28 species of birds and mammals - such is the power of the peanut :-)

We now nightly put out a combination of peanuts and catfood - an odd combination you may say, but just look what it brings to the garden......An utter delight for us.

The video is shot automatically in infra-red using a Bushnell "Trail-Cam"

In addition to the two foxes in this short clip a hedgehog also puts in a nightly appearance, although it does make itself scarce when the predators are around.

NB:- the small square icon in the bottom right of the vid will enable full screen viewing.

7 June 2012

Arundel Wildfowl and Wetland Trust Site.

For several months we have been trying to visit Arundel WWT centre, for health  and other reasons we have only just managed this one off journey……

Why Arundel? Well, as members of the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust  we have the right of free access to the 9 sites of the Trust – and we want to make best use of our membership.

Also Arundel has a few delights that we have not seen in the other locations we have visited over the years, namely: Harlequin and  Common Scoter as well as the delightful Long Tailed Duck, and the enigmatic Water Voles…. there are, of course other species we have not seen in other locations, and the reserve abounds with many species from all over the world, as well as large numbers of wild birds, who opportunistically make good use of the facilities…..

Click for gallery of images from the slideshow.

Seri has written a little about the actual trip, so I won’t replicate her writings – you can find her blog entry here. The day was exceptionally hot, and many species were keeping out of sight, but it was still an interesting and worthwhile effort to get there.

All I will say further is that the place is a delight, Water Voles for all their relative rarity are easily seen. There is a free guided boat trip, which is short but reasonably informative, and it is certainly worth a visit……

We shall not go again, the only reason being the distance from home……Have a look at Seri’s blog – as usual she’s nicked my photos, but that, as she tells me, is what marriage is about LOL