16 April 2012


Due to continuing and long term illness we don’t get to take conventional holidays. Instead we try our hardest to use whatever “good days” that may happen along in our random lives (anyone with such illness/disability will know what I mean). To that end we go on day trips, over the years we’ve found quite a few places we like :-)

So this weekend, I was in a “good day” from which we managed a half day in Norfolk at the excellent, if somewhat expensive to access, Pensthorpe Nature Reserve.

Home to the usual collection of exotic and rare wildfowl, most of the species list is replicated in the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust sites – of which we are members, but there are a few gems which we have not found in captive breeding at any other site which we visit.

The Pensthorpe Nature Reserve is a great place to visit – and we would suggest it to anyone who loves to get out in nature – yes many of the species are captive bred, but frankly who cares – the enclosures are spacious and promote natural behaviour……

Anyway – the slideshow below gives a taste of the reserve’s content. Hope you like it.

If you’re not sure what the individual species are please feel free to ask……..

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