31 March 2012

Time out

Time away from the house, at long last :-) life has its ups and downs – at present things health-wise are reasonably OK – so we go out and have a bit of time away…..

This month we’ve managed trips back home to Wales, and half a day in Gloucestershire at the wonderful Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust site. The following slideshow is a mix of shots from our Home and Garden, Slimbridge, Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve and Nant yr Arian.

Hope you like it…..

21 March 2012

Long Days at Home–mostly….


As the dark days of winter are slowly coming to a close we are hopeful that health issues will begin to subside, and life can return to a more normal state. Hopeful, but not wholly optimistic at the moment…… We are both, in the main, quite optimistic people, so we’ll get there eventually.

Anyway, for the moment it’s still pretty much a case of sticking the cameras out of the bedroom window and seeing what delights are in evidence. Also making the odd trip to Brandon Marsh – but trips are few and far between.

Enough for now – have to go look out the windows again – wouldn’t want to miss anything  :-)

8 March 2012

A few recent images

I’ve been rather unwell recently, and we have not really been too far from home – no big deal, its been going on for a number of years, but it is highly disruptive……

Anyway, here are a few images we shot in the past couple of months, just to keep the blog ticking over, so to speak……

Photography, more particularly wildlife photography,  is a great hobby when you are long term ill, keeps the mind occupied, and, when possible, gives one a means of gaining some much needed exercise, in a gentle and constrained form.

Anyway, hope you like the images.